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Synapse FAQ

Made by v1pejames#7007 dm me for any questions read all before asking please.

{How to download/get a theme}

Key: Monaco.html is located in bin folder which is in your synapse folder. Theme.json is located in bin which is in your synapse folder.

1) Download Monaco.html and Theme.json provided or click on the paste bin depending on the person.

4) To get a working Monaco you open the one provided and copy its content. Next you go to your old one remove everything in there and replace it with the new one.

2) Do not replace your old Monaco With a new one it will result in a white screen.

3) You can replace your old Theme.json with a new one but it may glitch.


6) If you dont wanna replace your old Theme.json you can just copy the new one and paste it in your old one both work.

5) You can edit Monaco.html and Theme.json with normal notepad but any text editor could work.


                                             {How to make a theme}


1) Open Theme.json in any text editor(I use notepad++).

Key: Monaco.html is located in bin folder which is in your synapse folder. Theme.json is located in bin which is in your synapse folder.


     [Section 1: Theme api]

                                             Theme api wiki(Edited by 3ds):



3) If you want the background to be a image first you need to get a link of the image. Secondly there well be 3 bases each for the loader, ScriptHub and main screen. Each base Has a image section go to that section inside well be  path and online if your image is a link paste it inside of the Quotes in path and edit online to be true.

2) Inside Theme.json there will be 3 Main tabs load,main,scripthub each has its own buttons which can be edited.

                                             4) Each button has a back color or text color which can be edited to change the colors you need to change its r g b value you can just search Color Picker in google search and pick your color and its r g b value is gonna  show up there.


(Method not made by me)

5) To change fonts the font needs to be downloaded on your computer and typed correctly in the Text font section which is located in some buttons.


                                             Using the Theme api wiki you should understand basic things from it.


                                             [Section 2: Monaco.html]

                                             With monaco you can edit the script editors background and text color which isn't possible in Theme.json yet.

                                             Normal Monaco.html does not have a way to edit the script editor.



(for more information on how to edit the script editor visit this page goes into more detail on how to properly make the image you will use for the script editor)

Go to your Monaco.html edit it with any text editor delete everything inside and replace it by copying the pastebin and pasting it inside the Monaco.


                                             How to edit the script editor

                                             1) Get a link of any image that is 623  by 272.

                                             2) In line 275 and 276 replace the link with the link of the image you provide.

                                             How to edit the text color

                                             1)Go to line 76 to 80

                                             2) Go to color picker in google search  pick a color copy the hex value and replace the text color already provided in line 76 to 80.



Make sure you save everything you edit before exiting.

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