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Script Obfuscation

Synapse FAQ

How to obfuscate a script (credits to GorTsarion)


First, you want to find the synapse bot. (you need to be in the buyers discord for this, when you open s^x you should automatically join, if not DM a helper+)


Now, you've found the bot. You need a script! For this I just made a simple yet amazing script

(My Script:

Now, time to get obfuscating. So basically, you drag and drop the .txt file into the bot's dms. Then you should be able to write a message with it, so you type !obfuscate


then you should get a reply along the lines of this

BUT! your not done yet!!!! You know when you make a script and publish it, everyone can use it! But we don't want AXON skidsploits to use it!!!11. So since 3ds is so smart, he added a feature for that.

So, if you don't want any dirty axon kids, then simply. Then, instead of just typing !obfuscate, you type !obfuscate antiaxon

BOOM, now all the dirty axon new users cant use your script!

Oh and, you cant just like write Shakespeare and obfuscate it, it actually has to be a script, unless you want this

Now, like I was saying 3ds is smart boy, he has a option for reduced obfuscation, which basically makes it so large scripts don't lag as much (but with the cost of less security)

To do this, simply just type !obfuscate reduced

You can also obfuscate your script in bytecode, basically. It makes the script harder for game devs to read. Basically it will take longer to patch or it wont be patched at all.

To do this, simply just type !obfuscate bytecode

Now, you can also combine this with all of the features,

For example you can do !obfuscate antiaxon bytecode.

Or you can do !obfuscate antiaxon reduced bytecode

Or maybe you want !obfuscate reduced bytecode

You get the picture. It basically combines them, so you can make your script harder to patch AND block stupid axon ZSkids

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