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Easy Fix Issues

Synapse FAQ

Internal Issue with Whitelist

Turn off all browser extensions after doing that close all third party applications using task manager.

And scan for any Viruses using MalwareBytes

getobjects/loadstrings/my Script Isn’t Working

Screenshot your console after executing the script and post the screenshot in #support tagging Bored#0940 or dm him; you can contact someone else if they know how to fix it

Saveinstance Crashed/Script Dumper Crashed

It is normal to crash if the game is too big. To prevent this from happening (may not work): Turn down your graphics to one Close anything that takes up your cpu

Failed to Download UI Files, Please Check Your Antivirus

Turn off all Anti-Viruses ( if you have any like McAfee i would recommend an uninstall.)

If you have Windows Defender only do the following thing:

Windows Defender > Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & threat protection settings > turn Real-time Protection off.

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